Scale your partnership teams

Manage the unique work of partnerships to 'level-up' the right partners, and win more co-sell deals. Support direct sales, allocate the right resources to mature partners and assess the ROI of your partners. Have the platform to provide the guidelines for your whole partnership function to follow. Deeply embed within your CRMs to ensure real collaboration between direct and indirect sales teams.

Benefit: 80% reduction of partner administrative tasks
Impact: More closed co-sell opportunities, lower cost of partnerships, higher partner satisfaction
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Align partnerships and sales teams

Capture and centralise the real-time data that is most important to assess your partners effectiveness, and the impact they are making to your co-sell pipeline. Get the insights from the field, and leverage to impact your direct and indirect sales opportunities. Ensure that you are spending the right amount of focus on the right partners to drive business value. Make meaningful links between partner investment, partner opportunities and partner manager focus to drive revenue.

Benefit: Harmonise direct and partner sales teams
Higher partner impact on deals, higher co-sell pipeline value, reduction in time lost on poor partners
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Increase partner co-selling effectiveness

Leverage the unique outside-in perspective of your partners to improve pipeline forecast accuracy, and ensure that partners are driving mutual sales outcomes. Salesforce integration means working in a platform that is shared by your partnerships and direct sales team to get a real view of the pipeline and how partners are contributing to revenue. Prescriptive partner sales approach to ensure that the correct actions take place to close co-sell opportunities as planned.

Benefit: Eliminate partner attribution challenges
Impact: Increased partner pipeline accuracy, improved sales efficiency, and higher partner ROI

Rapidly scale priority partnerships

Adopt best practices to move strategic partners through inception, enablement, co-selling and mutual delivery. Drive forward the maturity of your most important partners and provide the guidance to make sure that your internal teams (sales, product, marketing, legal) understand what is required to move the dial with your partners. Provide a real time and up-to date snapshot the current status of partners, and what is required to move them to where you need them to be.

The Benefit: 60% reduction in partner planning and onboarding
Impact: Eliminate time wasted in low value activity, adopt common ways of working, shorter time to partner ROI